The mission of the Carpentry course is to provide a safe and reliable work environment for the exploration and study of wood-related materials and the tools and techniques used to measure, cut, and fasten those materials.

Practical experiences along with related construction and engineering theory develop student’s knowledge in the house carpentry field.

Academic skills are integrated into the program curriculum to bring forward relevance and create a well rounded student.

The Carpentry Shop completes a multitude of community projects and builds brand new houses for individuals that would otherwise be unable to afford such structures.

Local government and non-profit organizations benefit from the hard work of our students.


OSHA 10 Construction

Carpentry Proficiency

NASRCC level I and level II


Kevin Letourneau

Kevin Letourneau, Department Head

Kevin Lussier

Kevin Lussier, Shop Instructor

Timothy Hurley

Timothy Hurley, Shop Instructor

Michael Cormier Jr.

Michael Cormier Jr., Shop Instructor