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Find Your Student's Bus Stop and Schedule

The Worcester Public Schools Transportation Department carries about half of the district's 25,000 students to and from school every day.

  • Bus stops can be found on the WooEdu portal.

  • Students can see their bus stop by logging into the WooEdu Student Portal using their WPS Google account.

  • Parents and caregivers can see their child’s bus stop on the WooEdu Parent/Caregiver Portal.

Track Your Student's Bus Location

Caregivers can track their child's bus in real time using the Versatrans My Stop™ GPS Bus Tracking App.

Instructions to Download App

Step 1: Tap to select a school district.

Step 2: Locate "Worcester Public Schools (MA)," then tap "OK."

Step 3: A log-in screen will be displayed.

Step 4: User ID: When logging in, use your student's identification assigned through WooEdu as the User ID. For example, if student John Smith has a student ID of "121212" in WooEdu, he will have a My Stop Login ID of "121212."

Step 5: Password: The default password generated is the student's birth date in this format: 2 digits for the day, 2 digits for the month, and four digits for the year. For example: 03/29/2017. We advise you to change your password once your set up is complete.

Step 6: Once you are logged in, a generic map will display and your student(s) names will display at the cop of the screen.

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Step 1

An image of the screen pointing to "select school district"

Step 2

An image of the drop down menu showing the listing of school districts.

Steps 3-5

An image of the screen showing where to input your username and password

Superintendent Rachel Monárrez speaks with students next to an electric school bus.

Superintendent Rachel Monárrez speaks with students following an announcement about electric school buses in March 2024.

An electric school bus in a bus yard

A model electric school bus in the WPS Bus Yard

About the Transportation Department

The Worcester Public Schools began operating all of its own school buses in the 2022-23 school year, ending its prior reliance on a third-party company.

In the first year of all in-house operations, email complaints about service dropped 76%, from 843 complaints in FY22 to 203 in FY23. Additionally, transportation costs were reduced by $3.5 million.

The successful transition received statewide and national recognition: WPS was honored with the 2023 Donald D. Johnson Operational and Cost Efficiency Award from the Massachusetts Association of School Business Officials (MASBO); WPS also received the 2023 Pinnacle Award from the national Association of Business Officials (ASBO).

In 2024, WPS purchased 15 electric school buses with financial grant support from the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The buses are expected to be online in 2026 after the Transportation Yard builds out electric vehicle charging stations and related infrastructure. The introduction of electric buses marks a step forward in meeting the City of Worcester's Green Worcester Plan, which aims to make Worcester one of the most sustainable and climate-resilient cities by 2050.

The WPS Transportation Department works closely with MassHire to recruit, hire, and pay for training for new school bus drivers.


WPS Transportation Department
115 Northeast Cutoff
Worcester, MA 01606
Main Phone: 508-799-3152

Mike Freeman

Director of Transportation

Mike Freeman