Grade 9

Student Instructions:

  1. Choose nine articles to read from across the twenty three technical areas.

  2. Complete this Google Form as you read each article. Submit it when you finish your reading. Your responses will be sent to your email so you can use them later when you think about what to say in your video.

  3. If after reading, you want to make changes to your five top career choices, please return to your online application at techhigh.go2cte by Aug. 5.

  4. Share what you have learned in a one-minute reflection video (or a 150-200 word written reflection). Don’t be anxious; just talk about what you think. Use your phone or your chromebook to record yourself. You must show your face so we know it’s you! During the first week of school, submit your video to your English teacher.

Questions students should address in their reflection video:

  • Introduce yourself! What is your name?
  • Which three articles were the most interesting? Name the articles and the shop areas.
  • What did you think you wanted to study at Tech? How did reading these articles change or reinforce your ideas? = How did your understanding of a particular technical area change after reading an article?
  • Which area most interests you and why?

Grade 10

Student Instructions:

Read 10 Chapters from Howard Zinn’s A Young People’s History of the United States. Choose any 10 chapters from the book you would like to read. Each chapter is a different topic or time period in American history told from different perspectives often overlooked in history.

Choice of responses:
Google Slide Deck - create one slide for each chapter or Screencastify / Record yourself on your phone responding to each part.

For each chapter you choose, write a short paragraph summarizing the chapter (or narrate if doing a recording). Choose one question from the following list for each chapter: What did you learn about the time period that conflicts or is different than what you already knew? What surprised you about the time period (must be specific in describing)? What did you learn that you would like to learn more about (again be specific about what you and what you would like to learn more about)?

Grade 11

11th Graders do not have History.

Grade 12

Student Instructions:

Depending on what class you signed up for, you will complete a summer reading assignment based on your History elective for next year:

  • Psychology: Read the book Outliers: The Story of Success:
    There will be an assignment or quiz later based on your teacher.

  • A.P Psychology: Read the book A Man’s Search for Meaning:
    There will be an assignment or quiz based on your teacher. Join this Google Classroom: XW456VC

  • Legal Aspects: Complete the Legal Aspects Assignment on Landmark Supreme Court cases.

  • A.P U.S History: Join the A.P. summer Google Classroom and complete all of the asignments listed in the classroom. (Class code: CCQX2FF)